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Deltrol Cartridge & Zero Profile Valves

Cartridge and Zero Profile Valves

Deltrol’s Cartridge Valves provide hydraulic functional control for flows typically up to 10 gpm.

These cartridge valves can be installed into an industry-common cavity or can be used in a ported block for out of the box use. Size 8 and size 10 solenoid operated valves offer a wide range of valve functions from 2-way, 2-position to 4-way, 3-position. Cartridge valves are also used for flow, motion and pressure control, giving a hydraulic circuit functionality.

Zero Profile

These Deltrol Zero Profile valve lines are used to reduce and shrink the overall system weight and dimensions. The valves help provide options for a more efficient fully assembled, integrated hydraulic circuit manifold. Zero profile valves mount below the manifold surface for valve placement optimization to minimize total overall envelope dimensions.

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