TDR-FSB-F-1D-N/06-110A – 110V AC, Double Key, 3NO/3NC, Brass, Castell TDR Time Delay Remote Unit With Electrical Isolation

Part Number: TDR-FSB-F-1D-N/06-110A Manufacturer: Castell

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The TDR time delay remote unit is a heavy duty trapped key interlock switch controlled by a fail-safe timer and solenoid. The unit is designed to control access to hazardous machines with run down times and can be used in high risk applications. The unit incorporates a dual channel fail-safe timer, heavy duty continuously rated solenoid, solenoid position monitoring, 20A electrical switch, front panel lamp indication of solenoid position and timer failure with up to four lock centers for multiple access applications.

Castell Part Reference: TDR-FSB-F-1D-N/06-110A

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Body Material



110V AC

Key Condition

Double Key

Lock Portion Type

FS (up to three characters)




Front Mount

Product Type

TDR Time Delay Remote Unit with Electrical Isolation