FS1S-ACW-65-9.5-22 – 45° Clockwise Mounting, Stainless Steel 65° Anti Clockwise, Spigot length 22m, Castell Switchgear Interlock

Part Number: FS1S-ACW-65-9.5-22 Manufacturer: Castell

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Castell FS and Q Interlocks are designed for use as a mechanical interlock for electrical switchgear. This is done through a mechanical connection to the isolation equipment. The standard unit is fitted with a 9.5mm square x 22mm spigot that can be used to operate an isolator.

Castell Part Reference: FS1S-ACW-65-9.5-22

Additional information

Body Material

Stainless Steel

Lock Portion Type

FS (up to three characters)




45° Clockwise

Product Type

FS Switchgear Interlock

Rotational Movement

65° Anti Clockwise

Spigot Length