Innovative new system that monitors and records the concrete properties in a mixer truck from despatch to delivery

What is Traktronic

Traktronic is an innovative new system from PIL which is factory fitted or retrofitted to ready mixed concrete trucks. It is a fully automatic system providing full GPS tracking and detailed analysis of the concrete from despatch to delivery.

Live Truck Information

Click on a truck to see the following specific info

Current location of Truck

Load Reference

Truck Driver Name

Truck Registration

Ambient Temperature

Individual Tyre Pressure

Individual Tyre Temperature

Truck Barrel RPM

GSM Signal Strength


An accurate location of each truck

Latest High Resolution Mapping

Near Real-Time Communications

Fully Automatic System

Comprehensive Alerts


Click on a truck to see concrete properties of the load

Concrete Slump

Concrete Temperature

Load Volume

Truck Barrel RPM

Concrete Viscosity

Concrete Yield

Concrete Pressure


Of the concrete from despatch to delivery.

Load Reports

Comprehensive range of reports which are automatically created when a truck leaves and returns to the batching plant. The state-of-the-art electronics are able to provide the customer location and delivery information without operator input. The innovative report engine provides the following information:

Load Reference

Load Despatch Time

Load Despatch Slump

Load Despatch Temperature

Arrival Time on Site

Waiting Time on Site

Water Added

Load Life Time

Time of First Discharge

Slump Prior to Discharge

Temperature Prior to Discharge

Time Discharge

Wash Down Water

Arrival at Plant

Total Mileage


Mortar Silo Continuous Level Monitoring Solution for the Cement Industry

What is Silotrak?

Silotrak is the revolutionary NEW system from Pneutrol International Limited, which can be retrofitted to any silo to provide the following real time information and historical analysis over a selectable date / time period...

Silo Over Pressure Alarms (Activation Time / Duration)

Silo Filter Run Time (Activation / Duration)

Silo H/L Alarm (Activation Time / Duration)

Silo PRU Activated (Time / Duration)

Silo Filling (Time / Duration)

Silo AP Pressure Monitoring (Alarm Time & Pressure Time)

Silo Continuous Level Monitoring

Silotrak Maintenance Manager can be configured to alert you when silo flters need replaced. By either monitoring the silo usage or by measuring the silo pressure differential.

Silotrak Remote Control

Silotrak is the only system on the market that can remotely test your silo safety systems making routine maintenance and compliance as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Many companies are only becoming aware of GLT (Ground Level Testing), where silo safety components can be verified at ground level to reduce the need to ascond silos.

Silotrak Remote Control allows:

An operator to conduct periodic testing of all silos from the comfort of the office.

All silo tests are archived and tracked.

Silos are colour coded on the portal to advise of current status.

Silo’s can be searched for by name, customer, depot and any other user input identifiers.

Silo’s can be filtered into groups for easy access.

In depth alarms displayed based on users criteria.

Alarm info can be emailed / text to personnel.

Silotrak Mobile!

Through continuous development Silotrak can be accessed via an online portal utilising QR technology!

Silo level and other important information transmitted into the silotrak web portal for easy access.

Automatically generated alarms warning personnel of low level / system fault information.

Silotrak can be linked to SAP / Other accounts systems with interface option.

QR Code on each silo to allow local users to view the silo status on a smartphone or tablet.

Silotrak mobile uses a blend of low maintenance sensors & switches and sophisticated algorithms to accurately provide a constant, continuous and accurate silo level indication.

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