High Accuracy Components

Pneutrol International Limited offer a complete range of admixture weighing components.

Admixture Weighing

Through extensive market research, Pneutrol International Limited identified the key areas of admixture weighing. High accuracy stainless steel components for your industrial needs!

Single or dual vessel options available

High accuracy single point loadcell

Single vessel capable of weighing 4 different admixtures

Dual vessel system capable of weighing 6 different admixtures (3 per vessel)

360 degree Hemispherical washout facility with adjustable flow control

Easily retrofitted to existing applications

Self calibration option

Vessels and enclosure constructed from 402 stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance

Robust fully welded and galvanised frame

Dynamix Discharge

We can supply the M.P.P. For systems which are discharging into a poorly vented mixer to ensure the high accuracy weigh system is unaffected by mixer pressurization

Industrial pinch valve with a natural rubber sleeve to ensure a secure seal when closed

High accuracy pressure switch factory set to provide valve closed signal

Mixer pressure preventer (M.P.P)

VSD Control

VSD control for high accuracy applications, we can supply a small control panel providing independent speed control for up to 6 pumps

What We Offer

Independent cylinder discharge

Mixer pressure preventer

VSD control box

Anti-frost heater and thermostat

Geared pumps

Mono cms or cmm pumps

Self calibrating facility

Electrical drawing based on IEC60204 standard
Full itemised parts list
Calibration certificate compliant with QSRMC / IS0 requirements

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