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Pneutrol International Limited are the CarbonCure Technologies Authorised Distributor for Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man.

We are driven by the desire to innovate and create market leading solutions. Our customers are precious to us and their continued success using our products and designs are the foundations of our future.

How It Works

CO₂ Source

CarbonCure uses CO₂ sourced from industrial emitters

The Equipment

CarbonCure’s equipment is retrofitted into the concrete plant

The Technology

The mineralized CO₂ improves the concrete’s compressive strength

CO₂ Injection

CarbonCure injects captured CO₂ into concrete during mixing where it chemically converts into a calcium carbonate mineral, remaining embedded within the concrete for millenia.

CarbonCure Explainer

A Concrete Carbon Dioxide Removal Solution. The following video will explain transforming concrete from a climate challenge into a global carbon removal solution. Suitable for all audiences, click to play!

500 Million Tonne CO₂ Reduction

Less carbon, same reliable concrete strength performance.
The CarbonCure solution enables the production of the same reliable concrete but with a reduced carbon footprint.
Concrete made with CarbonCure reduces CO2 by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic metre.

Additional Resources

Please find a list of downloadable content regarding the following topics. Click to download!

Introduction to CarbonCure for Ready Mix Producers
CarbonCure's Impact on the Global Warming Potential of Concrete
Information Package for Designers and Builders

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