Comprehensive Control

Pneutrol are one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Concrete Batching Control Systems in the UK and Ireland.
With over 1800 systems installed worldwide, we have earned a reputation for high quality systems and service with superior customer support.  Some of the key features of our Batching Control software are listed below:-

Running Screen

The running screen allows you to oversee the entire batch process, giving your operator all the information they need to effectively, efficiently and easily manage your plant. Not only that, but our systems allow you to:

Pause the batching process at any time

See an overview of the weigher’s status

See an overview of mixer/holding hopper status and moisture contents

See a drop report summary in real time, as they are completed

Upon activation of our continuous batch facility, multiple loads can be tracked simultaneously through the system

Comparisons can be made between ideal and actual batch weighments

Mimic/Manual Control

The Dynamix Control System allows complete manual control of the plant on your personal computer.

2D/3D Mimic displaying each process in a visual representation of the plant

Easily switch between Automatic and Manual with one click

Instantly determine what process the plant is in

Hover over objects for control buttons to appear for manual interventions

Weight indication displayed for each weigher

Semi-Automatic weigh mode

Job Screen

The operator can add multiple jobs onto the job screen for the coming days.

Jobs can be added onto the system with customer’s details – site address, account no, etc.

Jobs can be added onto the Load Queue when ready for batching

Operator can keep track of all job times with the timeline

The system can be configured so only certain recipes can be selected per site

Accounts Integration

Ability to link into numerous accounts, packages and shipping systems, to enable the seamless transfer of batch data, eliminating the time-consuming double entry of information. This provides you with real-time accounts invoicing.

Link numerous packages and shipping systems

Enable transfer of batch datta

Eliminating the time-consuming double entry of information

Real-time accounts invoicing


Our self-learning system will constantly and automatically monitor and record data, while working, in order to achieve higher levels of accuracy. In order to achieve this, the following features have been implemented:

Automatic inflight compensation

Automatic dynamic job

Automatic tolerance checking when weighing up

Two/three stage control when weighing to further improve accuracy

Stock accuracy - the recipe targets are compared to the actual weights to give a percentage error

Water slump control

Reporting & Taking Stock

The Dynamix Control System has reporting mechanisms for all encompassing reports relevant to your plant. Report production, tracking of stock and stock management has never been easier.

Detailed and informative production logs

Material usage - indicates the ideal and actual usages as well as the percentage error

Full stock inventory

Event logs i.e. change history, record loads added and monitor stock adjustments, detailing date, time and the current user

Record of stock accuracy

Recipe usage

All reports can be saved as a PDF, TEXT, XML, or Excel documents

Multi-User Access

Using our system, you can have up to ten users connected independently and simultaneously. All of these users can be connected at the same time with full access or with user configured access to limit what they can do and see.

Managers can connect to view plant performance and efficiency

Technical engineers can connect to view faults and downtime

Lab technicians can connect to modify recipes

Accounts personnel can connect to view production or print reports

Procurement staff can connect to view stock and reorder materials

Other plant operators can connect to batch remotely if a local operator is sick or unavailable

Wireless Innovation

Dynamix utilises the latest Batching Control Topology to provide users with the flexibility of the wireless world. With our optimised communication protocol, we can offer users the ability to control and view the batching control process wirelessly throughout the plant.

Forklift Operator & Loading Shovel

Is your forklift operator constantly getting in and out of the cab to look at the infeed control or batching system? With Mobile Dynamix you can have full control of the system from anywhere in the batching yard.

The Loading shovel driver can manually or automatically select which bin to fill or view plant alarms and the forklift operator can adjust the water, change the batching recipe and accept plant alarms all from the comfort of the cab using Mobile Dynamix.

Multi-Screen Capability

The Dynamix Graphics engine allows users the ability to configure multiple screens to show vital information in a clear and concise format. The user can seamlessly move the mouse across multiple screens to select and enter data whilst keeping an eye on the time critical loading process.

Remote Access

The Dynamix Control System comes fully loaded with remote access for both management and our own PIL technical experts, who can connect and solve your problems without ever having to visit, saving you time and disturbances to operation.

PIL Technicians can interrogate the system and assist in fault finding, viewing and analysis from our headquarters

PIL Technicians can download new software update

Management and accounts staff can view and receive production reports from their own offices whenever they need it

The system can be started from a remote interface

Flexibility & Control

The Control System offers total flexibility while maintaining unrivalled control. The plant is fully configurable via the plant setup menu. The system contains a number of features, for example:

Intelligent vibrator control

Drive speeds can be easily altered

System times can be altered instantly, i.e., drain times, discharge delay times, run times, etc.

Ribbon discharge

Feeder weigh order

Delayed delivery of water

Bin standby allowing you to select alternative bins to be used as backup

Level control allowing easy alterations to call levels

Manual or automatic moisture setup

Separate job time setup and inflight table for small batches

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